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How to start a work, Dario Robleto asks himslef questions

Artist Dario Robleto's process starts with language. He asks himself questions, jots down instructions, or toys with a poetic phrase he wants to translate into an object. Here's a to-do list Robleto culled from challenges he's presented himself that have led to new work throughout his career.

1. How to turn a record into a button?

2. Sepia soaked bones of a black swan

3. Culture dormant bacteria from grooves of mother's rock 'n' roll records

4. How to coat glass eyes with atomic glass?

5. How to coat bones with melted bullet lead?

6. How do I change the sound of the ocean?

7. How do you reconstitute 100 year old ink?

8. How do I reunite a million year old raindrop with a million year old blossom?

9. Cast and carve bone dust from every bone in the body

10. How can I sing a song to mom before I was born?

11. Can art finish something that never got finished?

12. Can art right a wrong?

13. How can I physically live in my record collection?

14. Who has been a widow longer than anyone?

15. Who was the un/luckiest person who ever lived?

16. How can I delay the end of the world?

17. Braiding wooly mammoth hair

18. How can I trap lightning in a bottle?

19. How can I spark a revolution in the animal world?

20. Make an ink of rust and tears

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