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'What Enters': Olga Balema in 1646

They are heavy, placid substances, sitting on the ground, attempting not to evoke. Lying by the side of the pool, feeling the weight of the sun, tingling and lusting after ones with quick moves. 

Their goal is their physicality, a pure expression of themselves, making their own forms, taking their own space. Relying on insular decadence of reticence, leaving people to the speaking, expressing themselves rather through action and influence.

Of this world and in this world. Rotting mind of a delusional heir articulated through vivid descriptions of chamber rooms and textiles. Just imagine them in a palatial hall.

an exhibition by Olga Balema
14 JUN - 13 JUL 2013


27 June 2013
20.00-22.00 pm

On thursdaynight 27 June as part of her exhibition "What Enters" artist Olga Balema will play an excerpt from the book “À Rebours” by J.K. Huysmans.

Written in 1884, it’s described as a “novel without a plot” and an ultimate example of “decadent literature”. It focuses on the intellectual and aesthetic contemplation of Des Esseintes, the last member of a once powerful and noble family.

Balema will give an introduction and relate the audiofragment to her work that is currently on show at 1646 until 13 July.

Olga Balema’s exhibition in 1646 presents a series of new works, sculptures that have been assembled on site and contain raw materials, found items, and hand-made parts submerged in water and sealed in an outer shell of soft pvc plastic.

These new pieces present a body of work that is concerned with the elemental. It displays a drive towards the negation of the human being in favor of letting things be. In this exhibition of Olga Balema there is no longer a distinction between object and subject. What remains is a surroundings in which an on-going exchange and transformation takes place.

More information:

Boekhorststraat 125
The Hague, NL

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